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Your donations make a profound difference and are greatly appreciated!  Donating to My Sister's Place means that we can help to Encourage, Educate and Empower women and their children to live a life FREE FROM VIOLENCE and ABUSE.  Donations are used in both the women and children's programs within our shelter and outreach services.  

Knowing that change is a process and requires time and effort, we also provide transitional services in housing and support. Donations also are set aside to help offset the costs of these services.  

We operate with a very frugal budget and yet we still fall short each year, as the demand for our services increases. We need your help. Every dollar truly counts.

In order to make donating that much easier for you, we have a variety of methods available. For your security, we use as our online donation provider. There are options to choose what program you want to donate to and to set up a monthly contribution. Unless your donation goes through our channels directly (E-Transfer or Direct Drop off/Mail-In) there will always be administrative charges taken off of your donation before we receive it.

We thank you in advance for your support!

** My Sister's Place Alliston is NOT AFFILIATED with My Sisters' Place in London, ON.  To visit the London organization, please click here.


For your convenience we have subscribed to the services of Canada for processing our online donations. Please note that 3.99% of each donation goes to Canada for their services




DONATE VIA E-TRANSFER          100 percent donation if you use email money transfer to donate to my sister's place 
No Password Required

MESSAGE SECTION:  Please record your name, middle initial and full mailing address with postal code to receive a charitable tax receipt

If you are interested in making a one-time donation, we provide you with the security of sending your donation through email money transfer.  Please note your financial institution may have charges that apply for this service.  We will provide a charitable tax receipt with any donation over $20.  Please submit contact details via email or message. 



Please send to our Head Office                          100 percent of your donation goes to support my sister's place           
ATTN: Financial Coordinator
P.O Box 533
Alliston, ON L9R 1V7


donation of clothing and wish list items to My Sister's PlaceWISH LIST ITEMS

 Visit our Wish List for ideas on what we currently require. Please contact 705-435-3835 to arrange drop off.


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