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Legal Support´╗┐

If you are considering separation, here are some resources and important things to consider to help with the process and prepare for your upcoming appointment.

Legal Resources

Have you spoken to a lawyer? Depending on your income and family size, you may be eligible for Legal Aid Ontario.

Please visit: 

Legal Aid  or call 1800-668-8258 for information on eligibility and further inquiries.

Other Resources

Law Society Referral Service

If you are ineligible for Legal Aid, the Law Society Referral Service can refer you to a lawyer who will give you a free consultation up to 30 minutes.

 The Mediation Centre

705 725 7020

Online Legal Information

To get more information on family law matters, we recommend reading more from Steps to Justice or visiting a Family Law Information Centre (FLIC).

Family Law Information Centre (FLIC)

A full list of FLICs can be found on the Ministry of the Attorney General "Find a Court" website. 

Prepare a Statement of Facts

´╗┐A Statement of Facts is an account of your situation. Written chronologically, it should include details about your family and its dynamics, such as:

  • Names of all family members
  • Detailed accounts of any events of abuse that occured
  • Any important and relevent information

Preparing a Statement of Facts can help our caseworkers and your lawyer better assist you.  

Ontario Court Forms

There are three Ontario Court Forms that are relevent to the separation process. Please take a look before your appointment to note any questions you have or additional documents you may need to obtain.

  • Form 8: Application (General)
  • Form 13: Financial Statement
  • Form 13.1: Financial Statement (Property and Support Claims)
  • Form 35.1: Affidavit ( Decision-making responsibility, parenting time, contract)

Forms can be accessed at:

Safety Plan

Creating a Safety Plan involves identifying potential protective actions that increase a survivor's safety.

Please visit our Safety Tips page to learn more or call our Crisis Line at 1-800-461-5419 or 705-435-3835. 

The Crisis Line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

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